Las Vegas tours and Grand Canyon tours


For many visitors, the city of Las Vegas is the top of the kitsch. But it is a really wonderful place, proving that with a good will, and it is a real masterpiece, showing that any place in the desert can become a small paradise. OverallĀ Las Vegas is the Disneyland for adults. People can find everything there and it offers a huge variety of entertainment. And it is not only trying your luck at the casinos, which in fact is wasting money most of the time. There are also breathtaking helicopter tours, bus tours or even airplane tours, which you can enjoy with your friends or family.

These tours are maybe the most valuable thing you can do. The city is a starting point and from here you can visit the Grand Canyon, fly over Las Vegas city, Hoover Dam or Lake Mead. These are beautiful and unique places, which you should definately check out.

Helicopter tour to Grand Canyon or Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon helicopter tours and the tours over and around Las Vegas give you the thrilling adventure and the experience that you have been waiting for all your life! You will see views that you will never can see walking, by car or taking a bus. if You are ready for a thrilling adventure than this is just for you! Book you helicopter tour now!

Airplane tour over Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or Lake Powell

Airplane tours were the original form of aerial sightseeing and tours available over the Grand Canyon! See the both rims of Grand Canyon (along with the legendary SkyWalk bridge. See also the Lake Powell, Monument Valley, and Rainbow Bridge). Now is the time to decise where does your adventure begin!

Bus tour from Las Vegas


Grand Canyon bus tours are a staple of the southwest tourism landscape. Visitors from United States and all around the world appreciate their value and convenience. Additionally, the bus tours take guest of most of the same locations that the air tours visit! This is a perfect option for guests who do not feel comfortable flying with helicopter.

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